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Louis County property owners. Property owners pay one of these rates.

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View Full Site. Property Tax Rates by District. The biggest jump was for single-family homes and commercial buildings.

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State law requires five years of nonpayment of taxes before the county starts the delinquency process in the sixth year. In addition to the notices published in newspapers in June, sheriff's deputies in July hand-delivered notices to people who live on the delinquent property, another step required by state statute.

If no one lived there, a notice was pasted to the doorway. The list of new forfeitures includes a half-million dollar commercial property at Maple Grove Road in Duluth, just across Highway 53 from the Miller Hill Mall. Truscott purchased the former Schneiderman's furniture store in when real estate prices for commercial property were skyrocketing. But then the recession hit, tanking the real estate market as well as the value of his building, Truscott said.

Since then Truscott has tried to keep up.

State lawmakers just this year changed that law, Larson noted, and going forward, county auditors will have the discretion to allow delinquency payment plans for higher-valued commercial buildings. Truscott also said he's working to convince state lawmakers to change the current 10 percent interest charged on unpaid balances each year, noting it's nearly double current interest rates charged by commercial lenders.

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As Truscott's plan highlights, the state's forfeiture laws are set up to give the owner multiple chances to pay back taxes and penalties before the property can be sold at auction to the public. That right to re-purchase lasts a year for bare land and commercial properties and never expires for a homestead. The county Lands and Minerals Department will send out eviction notices in May, which amounts to the seventh year of nonpayment for homes, said Karen Zeisler of the St.

Louis County Lands and Minerals Department.

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That notice, with the word "eviction" on it, often spurs payment. Even after forfeiture and eviction notices, though, state law allows people to put 10 percent down of what they owe and start a payment plan, although at that point, the state holds the deed to the property until all the taxes are paid.

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If the owner makes no effort to pay, the earliest any of the recently forfeited parcels would be auctioned would be autumn of The system's long grace period, which amounts to five, six or even seven years, allows property owners like Kaper and Truscott to use the county as a sort of safety valve when finances aren't good. They can still pay their mortgages and utility bills on the property, but hold off on taxes if the money isn't there.

Kaper is a millionaire and real estate speculator who lives on a 7-acre estate in Barrington Hills, Ill. Louis County collector of revenue, who then creates the projected tax liability notice for each property.

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All residential property owners will be mailed the change of assessment and projected tax liability notices. Beginning May 15, informal conferences for residential property owners can be scheduled by calling for the following locations:.

All commercial property owners will receive change of assessment and projected tax liability notices. Taxpayers have until July 8 to submit their appeals in writing, but time is running out to make appointments to meet with assessors in person to protest the assessed valuation.

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