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An attorney representing one of the above with a signed contract of representation or authorization.

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Legal Guardian of person named on certificate. In this case, you must provide a Judgment of Custody. Custody by mandate or provisional custody from a notary, or transfer of custody witnessed by a notary will not be accepted. Current state issued driver's license that displays a photograph which clearly identifies the applicant.

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Current state issued picture ID that displays a photograph which clearly identifies the applicant. Students high school or younger a current school yearbook or a current school ID with a photograph which clearly identifies the applicant. A W-2 form issued within the last two years plus an original signed Social Security Card.

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The Social Security numbers must match counts as two documents. Payroll stub cannot be handwritten showing the name and social security number of the applicant. Current U. For more information Call or E-mail records caddoclerk.

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Birth and Death Certificates. Please note that we are only able to make copies.

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  • Prior to , the only death records available from the Louisiana State Archives are from Jefferson and Orleans Parishes, dating back to index only for Comments: For all other parishes, marriage records are maintained by the office of the Clerk of Court in the parish where the marriage license was purchased. Although the keeping of marriage records in LA did not become a statewide mandate until , many earlier records do exist. Orleans Parish marriage records over 50 years old should be requested from the Louisiana State Archives from index only for For marriage records for parishes other than Orleans, contact the Office of the Clerk of Court for that parish.

    Comments: Louisiana divorce records are available from the Clerk of Court in the parish where divorce was granted.

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    Updated March 17, Louisiana Vital Records:. Dates: From July Orleans Parish back to Dates: From statewide. Dates: From July statewide. Dates: Varies by county. Cost of copy: Varies. Continue Reading.

    How to properly authenticate your certificate of live birth.