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Well done. I spent some time searching but couldn't come up with those terms. Of course, these aren't blue or green, but the paint job, even professionally done, can't be too expensive. From: msgga on 24 Jan PST.

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Thanks, but and I am sorry if I sound picky here I am looking for an original mailbox. I would love one with graffiti and salt burns and all that good stuff From: myoarin-ga on 02 Feb PST. Dolphindave tells where you can get a brand new mail box.

What about chatting up your local Postmaster and offering him a free replacement for your choice his eyesore of an old one? I won't expand on my first idea about a van and a dark night From: msgga on 03 Feb PST. The Postmaster is a good idea, but how would I get in touch with him or her? On the other hand, if you should choose to go the van route then I take no responsibility for your actions You need two valid forms of identification, at least one of which must have your photograph.

One ID must show your physical address. How much does it cost to have a P. How to save money: 20 tips.

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The quickest option is to visit the company's website. The mailbox number is likely listed on the "Contact Us" page or in the footer area alongside the company's address and phone numbers. If a mailbox number is not listed, call the business and obtain the address from company personnel.

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If the business is required to register with the state, you can also obtain the address from the secretary of state or registrar's office in the county where the business operates. If you believe a person or business has a mailbox at the post office, you may be able to obtain the mailbox number by submitting a Freedom of Information Act FOIA request to the U.

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Postal Service. Your request must be in writing and clearly labeled as an FOIA request.

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If you know the specific postal facility where the mailbox is located, mail it to the postmaster at that location. If you don't know this information, mail it to USPS headquarters at:. Managers Records Office U. You can also fax the request to Headquarters will route your request to the proper facility. Make sure to provide your name, mailing address and a detailed description of the information you are seeking. It can take up to 20 business days to receive a written response from USPS.