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Site Description: This site gives great detail in the timeline of the Depression era. There are 3 sets of dates to view: , , Click on each section to view all the timelines. Site Task: From the site, answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:. Which President took office after Herbert Hoover? What does R.

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What did critics call it? What is the CCC? When was it established?

What was its purpose? What was the National Labor Board intended to do? Site Description: This site deals with overproduction, Laissez-Faire policies, fraud, stock market, and the decline in foreign trade. Site Description: Surviving the Dust Bowl is a story of people who, instead of fleeing to California, stayed on their farms while enduring drought, diseases, and for some, death.

Site Task: Read the article from the site and on your paper answer the following questions: In what year did the rains disappear? In what year did the storms come with alarming frequency? Site Description: This site provides brief biographies of past and current Presidents.

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Site Task: From the site, answer the following questions on your paper. What year was Roosevelt first elected? What relative had served as President years before him? What was the name of F.


She seemed to get better over her holiday break, enjoying her time off and hanging out with her friends. On the day that she jumped to her death, her father texted her encouraging her to see a therapist for some anti-depressants, and she said she would. Just an hour before she jumped to her death, the young woman posted an image of a sunset over Rittenhouse Square to her Instagram account. Andrew Wilcox was running down the street when he saw her jump. What was she going through? Her family must be devastated,"' said Wilcox.

In honor of her death, he also ran a marathon to raise money for suicide prevention. In another tragic turn, Eric Lambinus, the soccer coach at Lehigh who knew Madison as she almost attended the school being an equally talented soccer player, saw her just moments before her death. She said she was shopping for her family. She walked away. She also left a photo of herself holding a tennis racket as a child and a copy of the book Reconstructing Amelia, which tells the story of an overachieving teenager who jumps to her death.

Andrew Wilcox above who saw Madison jump ran a marathon in honor of her and to raise money for suicide prevention and awareness. The college student left presents at the place where she jumped of cookies for her grandparents, necklaces for her mother and chocolate for her father. Holleran told NorthJersey. And already, the family's foundation is helping teenagers who are struggling.

She said, "Because of your daughter, I am running again. Distraught: Madison, who was one of five children, poses at a Penn meet with her mother Stacy.

Beautiful: Hundreds of friends have shared their condolences on Madison's social networking pages. Mr Holleran said that he did not blame the school for his daughter's suicide but that he wanted to warn other parents. Holleran was a member of UPenn's varsity track and field team. Family friend Bob Weckworth said the high-achiever ultimately couldn't cope with the expectations she'd set herself.

There were no drug issues. There were no mental health issues in her background. It was just the last two, three weeks where they saw a change in her. Something snapped. Embrace: James Holleran center is comforted by a mourner ahead of the funeral of his year-old daughter Madison. Days after Holleran's death, more than devastated relatives and friends paid their respects at a funeral service at the Guardian Angel Church in Allendale, New Jersey.

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During the mass, Mr Holleran said that his daughter used to rally her team by saying: 'Now is a time to be strong. He added: 'Today, we all have to be strong for Madison. He then urged the congregation to learn from the loss of an 'iconic' young woman: 'Please seek therapy if you need it.

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  6. This is not a weakness, but a struggle. He also led them in the Serenity Prayer, saying: 'God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Run Tucson. Contact Info. Share This Article. Submit Your Press Release Get your news delivered to thousands of media contacts and industry insiders in the running, cycling and triathlon industries now.

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