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This serves two purposes:. Most of the postal code systems are numeric; only a few are alphanumeric i. Alphanumeric systems can, given the same number of characters, encode many more locations. For example, while a 2 digit numeric code can represent locations, a 2 character alphanumeric code using ten numbers and twenty letters can represent locations. Countries which prefix their postal codes with a fixed group of letters, indicating a country code, include Andorra , Azerbaijan , Barbados , Ecuador and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

ISO alpha-2 country codes were recommended by the European Committee for Standardization as well as the Universal Postal Union to be used in conjunction with postal codes starting in , [11] [12] but they have not become widely used. In some countries such as in continental Europe , where a numeric postcode format of four or five digits is commonly used the numeric postal code is sometimes prefixed with a country code when sending international mail to that country.

Postal services have their own formats and placement rules for postal codes. In most English-speaking countries, the postal code forms the last item of the address, following the city or town name, whereas in most continental European countries it precedes the name of the city or town. In Belarus , Kyrgyzstan , Russia , Turkmenistan it is written at the beginning of an address.

Postal codes are usually assigned to geographical areas. Sometimes codes are assigned to individual addresses or to institutions that receive large volumes of mail, e. One example is the French Cedex system. Before postal codes as described here were used, large cities were often divided into postal zones or postal districts, usually numbered from 1 upwards within each city. The newer postal code systems often incorporate the old zone numbers, as with London postal district numbers, for example.

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Ireland still uses postal district numbers in Dublin. In New Zealand , Auckland , Wellington and Christchurch were divided into postal zones, but these fell into disuse, and have now become redundant as a result of a new postcode system being introduced. Some postal code systems, like those of Ecuador and Costa Rica , show an exact agreement with the hierarchy of administrative country subdivisions. The first two digits of the postal codes in Turkey correspond to the provinces and each province has assigned only one number.

The first two digits of the postal codes in Vietnam indicate a province. Some provinces have one, other have several two digit numbers assigned. In France the numeric code for the departments is used as the first two digits of the postal code, except for the two departments in Corsica that have codes 2A and 2B and use 20 as postal code.

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Furthermore, the codes are only the codes for the department in charge of delivery of the post, so it can be that a location in one department has a postal code starting with the number of a neighbouring department. The first digit of the postal codes in the United States defines an area including several states. From the first three digits with some exceptions , one can deduce the state. Similarly, in Canada , the first letter indicates the province or territory, although the provinces of Quebec and Ontario are divided into several lettered sub-regions e.

The first two digits of the postal codes in Germany define areas independently of administrative regions. Zone 11 is non-geographic. Royal Mail designed the postal codes in the United Kingdom mostly for efficient distribution. Nevertheless, people associated codes with certain areas, leading to some people wanting or not wanting to have a certain code. See also postcode lottery. In Brazil the 8-digit postcodes are an evolution of the 5-digit area postal codes. The suffix was created only for logistic reasons.


City blocks surrounded by streets, some streets with a different 8-digit postal code suffixes to Faces of a city block and their extension into its interior. Each color is an 8-digit postal code, usually assigned to a side odd or even numbered of a street. Faces of a city block and their extension between city blocks. The same colors polygons indicate the same postal codes.

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The postal code assignment can be related to a land lot in the case of special codes assigned to individual land lots of large receivers. In any other case it is an error to associate the postal code with the whole land lot area: a lot may have no or more than one delivery point. A postal code is often related to a land lot , but this is not always the case. Postal codes are usually related to access points on streets.

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Small or middle-sized houses, in general, only have a single main gate which is the delivery point. Parks, large businesses such as shopping centres, and big houses, may have more than one entrance and more than one delivery point. So the semantic of an address and its postal code can vary, and one land lot may have more than one postal code. In Brazil only the suffixes , that designate large post-receivers, can be assigned to lots. Originally, the first group marked a district transport centre, the second group represented the order of post offices on the collection route.

However, processing was later centralized and mechanized while codes remained the same. After separation Slovakia and the Czech Republic kept the system. Codes with an initial digit of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 are used in the Czech Republic, while codes with an initial digit of 8, 9, or 0 are used in Slovakia. A code corresponds to a local postal office. However, some larger companies or organizations have their own post codes. In — there were some efforts in Slovakia to reform the system, to get separate post codes for every district of single postmen, but the change was not realized.

India uses a unique 6-digit code as a geographical number to identify locations in India. There are 9 total zones consisting of 8 regional zones and 1 functional zone which are represented by the first digit. In Ireland, the new postal code system launched in , known as Eircode provides a unique code for each individual address.

While it is not intended to replace addresses, in theory simply providing a 7-character Eircode would locate any Irish delivery address. The first three digits are the routing key, which is a postal district and the last four characters are a unique identifier which relates to an individual address business, house or apartment. A fully developed API is also available for integrating the Eircode database into business database and logistics systems.

Taiwan R. The Country Code for this is KR.

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The Korea Postal code system changed from a 6-digit postal code system to a 5-digit postal code system on August 1, Schedule your parcel collection quickly and easily and fit it around your busy schedule by having UPS collect your parcel from your home or office. Postal Code Laare postal code. Do the 6 digit zip code. A new system of post codes was introduced on August 1, South Korea Postcode search.

According to the Philippines Zip Code Directory, two groups of zip codes exist in the Philippines: provincial zip codes and metro manila zip codes. Note that the postal code may be searched with nearby approximation. If you need to find a postcode for a certain address or area, or if you want to find out where a postcode relates to on the map, just enter a postcode or area name in the search box on the left and click the "find!

Now, you can easily find place in Korea only with road sign and address on the spot. Box is located. There are 9 PIN regions in the country. To find the 5-digit postal code based on the road name address or land-lot number address, please visit Korea e-Post site and search under the Postal Code Finder.