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Find out if the person has a profile page on a social networking website such as Facebook or MySpace. It isn't the safest thing in the world to publish your city of residence, let alone your entire address, but some people often do it nonetheless.

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Heller Updated September 28, Items you will need Internet connection Computer. Video of the Day.

Brought to you by Techwalla. You will be surprised at the results! Why not try searching for your person through a search engine to see what information you can gather. Whether or not they answer the door or agree to speak to you is an entirely different matter, however.

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This is still considered legal but may not yield any results. If you know where your target worked, you can always call their office. In most cases, a company will more than likely not provide any personal information about an employee but you could get lucky. If your sleuthing skills prove inadequate and you cannot locate your target, do not despair!

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  • It is possible to hire the services of a firm such as Diem Legal that specialises in Tracing and Process Serving. A tracing agent and process server both specialise in tracking individuals, and if necessary, serving them important documents.

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    Furthermore, such firms have access to databases and documents not widely available to the general public. Also, Friends Reunited hold details of UK based schools and colleges free registration but a small fee to forward emails. You could search on the Internet for further information - e.

    There are organisations that can be found on the Internet that will help in this situation they may charge a fee. Whilst this information has been provided in good faith, it should not be taken as legal advice.

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    For information tailored to your circumstances, please contact your police force, solicitor or an advisory organisation as appropriate to your query. I've lost touch with someone and am not sure what to do. Looking for someone I've lost touch with.

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    • How do I look for a friend I have lost touch with? Alternatively, you could try an internet tracing service that holds the electoral roll and directory enquiries, such as: www. How do I look for a partner or spouse I have lost touch with?

      You could try an internet tracing service that holds the electoral roll and directory enquiries, such as: www. You could leave a message on an online message board, such as: www.