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My email address is. But I recently found that I could use the same address with Earthlink. Why is that? If they are interchangeable on Earthlink, it is because Earthlink specifically registered both top level domains. The supplier sent me an invoice via email with a wrong name of my company and so, I told him to update the invoice again. Within 24 hrs, the invoice was updated to me by email which I thought was sent by him because that email was sent in the same thread that we used to use with my supplier. The invoice looks exactly the same with the first except the bank account mentioned inside them are different.

Only when I checked with my supplier after a week of my transfer, I realized I was cheated by a fraudster. It has never been involved in the whole thread until the fake invoice was sent. Is it even possible? Where might be the attack possibly coming from? In other words, Who attracted him in the first place? Me or my supplier? I would make sure every step of the process I had control over was secure. Hey Leo!

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Few years ago i made instagram profile and i was almost certain i connected it to my facebook, unfortunately i have deleted my facebook so tought my Instagram will be deleted too. So yesterday i wanted to check if it really is deleted and since i dont remember password i went to forget my password. The mail that was listed below as my mail was very odd looking. I was sure i made my instagram profile on gmail. What kind of domain is that and how is it possible? I am really confused. The asterisks are just placeholders for the real characters which are not shown for security purposes.

Hi Leo, thanks for the article.

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I found it really helpful especially the metaphor at the end. Does that mean each email provider has their own mail.

If she changed email provider then using your analogy, then the hard-working mail team might be a team of contractors handling all her mail and then if she changes to a different provider then that would be equivalent to the old team being fired and new team of contractors put in their place.

So same address, same building, same mail boy delivering it to your desk but a new mail room team. Would that be correct? Comments violating those rules will be removed. Here my general recommendation would be to put in the latest patches as well as any SAP note you can find make sure that the system is stack patched as otherwise erec patches and business partner patches can differ and cause such issues.

If this does not help you can only either raise an incident with SAP or dubug the application on your own. Thanks for looking at this, I have checked our Dev and Production system and it looks like IT is populated with the business email address, just not sure why they appear in different boxes. Do you have the details on the issue with displaying the business email if it did not have the id ?

We believe in data transparency.

Hi Stephen, this looks strange. Could be an issue in the setup of the business partner configuration or the HCM - ERec integration settings.

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As the email assignment to the internal candidate is highly depending on the landscape you use for your SAP ERec system could you add some information on your landscape? If standalone is it an I2A or I2B setup? Furthermore the standard question for all ERec problems. Sorry, It would not let me attached all the screenshots in one comment, please find attached the production screenshot. Not what you're looking for? Search community questions. This question has been deleted.

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This question has been undeleted. Stephen Hewetson. Can anyone please help with the above? Thanks Stephen e-recruitment-email-address. If the user is someone who has several social networks using the same username, you can research them on other sites as well. The trouble here comes from whether or not you can actually find the user on another site. Often, a given user will have accounts on a wide variety of different sites.

Many of those sites like to ask users to fill out their profiles full of their contact information. Web forums are some of the best resources for aggregated contact information out there. Run Google searches for their Twitter username, and look for profiles on other sites and forums where the user added their Twitter information as a contact. In some cases, you can use this to start a chain.

Their username on that forum could be something else, though, like WildDragon You can then start searching for that username and see what else comes up.

You just upload a list and it will run through various permutation and searches to find related information. You can email them in an intelligent way, automate email follow-ups, manage your replies, see your open rates and your contact history with individuals, and all that. If Found. What kinds of directories?

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Anything public, basically. They skin whitepages listings, public records from various government organizations and public websites, and social network information. Unfortunately, there are two downsides to Spokeo. Twitter treats email addresses as a private piece of information and does not give it out publicly. It is information that is only available via an API call from an authorized app. This means that you need to:. The tricky part here is that you need to, well, develop a whole app. Rob Ousbey from Distilled. You copy this Google sheet and edit it to use the information you provide.

It goes through a bunch of different possible permutations to generate email address options. Obviously, this only works if the user has their real name available. LinkedIn has something called the Sales Navigator, which is a free plugin for Gmail. You can find it here.

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The primary function is the ability to tell you if the email address is valid or not; if you find a valid email address, you can then send a contact. Sales navigator, by the way, used to be known as Rapportive. LinkedIn owned it back when it was under that name, and they just changed the name to roll it into their other corporate tools.